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In search of purpose: 2018 resolutions

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” - Epicurus

2017 is coming to an end, but it also heralds the beginning of 2018. Here’s a countdown of 10 great base camp resolutions that we hope can inspire you to a great new year! We start with base camp resolution number 10 - Find something (or someone or some place) and leave it better than when you found it! #alwaysbelieve 

Don’t you find it odd that many people travel to get away, but they always ask - “Is there wifi?”. We need to disconnect to connect. It’s much more fun asking for directions by speaking to someone, rather than using Google Maps. Base camp resolution number #9 - Let’s wander where there’s no wifi. (Photo - somewhere along the Everest Base Camp trek).  

Impossible can be made possible. You just need to look at things differently and you can really touch the clouds! Base camp resolution number #8 - Reach up and touch the clouds. (Photo - At the summit of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah). 

Planning your career and not sure where to start? Things have gone wrong and you are lost? Take one step forward! You may not know where you are going but every step you take will strengthen your base camp in life. Base camp resolution number #7 - Take one step forward. (Photo - Street art along a lane 按步就班巷 in Penang, Malaysia). 

You don’t know what you’re missing until you look up. And you won’t get to where you’re going until you get up. Look up, get up and it’s always just 5 minutes away! Base camp resolution number #6 - Look up, get up. (Photo - Base camp at Mount Elbrus, Southern Russia). 

Loneliness is marked by a sense of isolation. Solitude, on the other hand, is a state of being alone without being lonely and can lead to self-awareness.

Base camp resolution number #5 - Indulge in solitude and me time. (Photo - Base camp on the grasslands of Mongolia).

Base camp 2108 resolution #4 - Create your own paths (photo - approaching EBC). 

Here’s the first of the top 3 base camp 2018 resolutions - “Take time to watch the sun set (and not just watch a sunset which takes just one second)” (Photo - base camp at Malchin Peak, Mongolia)

He was fired from a newspaper for not being creative enough. He started a company that went bankrupt. Unable to pay his rent, he even ate dog food until he could get back on his feet. Walt Disney wasn’t perfect but he dared to dream about Disneyland. Here’s base camp 2018 resolution #2 - “Dream to be daring and don’t stop daring to dream” (Photo - on the slopes of Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe). 

Dogs are known for loyalty, compassion, unconditional love and selflessness. Dogs don’t judge you and they have no expectations. They are always there for you. Dogs are the ultimate base camp! Here’s to a great 2018 Year of the Dog! 🐕 And here’s base camp 2018 resolution #1 - “Expect the unexpected”! #alwaysbelieve #basecampcafe 

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