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Our supporters and sponsors depends on the support of individuals and organisations in providing resources such as space, equipment, furniture, speakers, food & refreshments, and anything that can help make every great.  We would like to acknowledge the following individuals and organisations for their support and contributions:

  • Sim Benson

  • Neo Boon Leong

  • Prasanna Srinivasan

  • Carmen Low

  • Sidney Lim

  • Kevin Loh

  • Alexander Loh

  • Zachary Loh

  • Mandy Lee

  • Paul Tan

  • Emilia Teo

  • The August 2017 Mongolia-Malchin-Khuiten Expedition team

  • SMRT Alpha Pte Ltd

  • Kallang Wave Mall

  • NTUC Foundation

  • Courts

  • Warburg Vending

  • Kon Yin Tong

  • Fabian Yeo

  • Steven Lwi

  • Tricor Global

  • HipVan

  • Animal Encounters

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