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We are looking for volunteers and interns to help run BaseCamp.Cafe and make it even more exciting. It’s by the community, for the community!

Please contact us via Facebook if you are interested! is now at Marina Bay MRT Station, B2-02 (go down from the stair beside Exit A)! Our space opens on an events basis. Please check out our Facebook page (link is at the bottom of the page) for information regarding upcoming events!


Opening hours on event days are 11am - 6pm, Mon-Sun (closed on public holidays).


Who's for?  Freelancers, students, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs a space!


Using adventures as a theme, started as a blog in 2016 to share stories on how to meet life challenges. brings people together, whether it's mountain climbing, starting a new business, embarking on a career, starting a university education or rebuilding after failures.  It's a place where adventurers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, students and anyone can come together to talk about their dreams and share their stories.  


Everything is free (kind of) in except for time, where you pay $2/hour. supports the use of PayNow.


A base camp is a place where climbers, runners, cyclists and adventurers gather their resources before attempting to reach the summit and finishing lines.  Base camps are safe places where you and your team mates plan how to tackle the tougher conditions ahead.  The most famous base camp is the Everest base camp.


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