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6 useful quotes about base camps in life

<photo: Sagarmatha National Park Visitors Centre @ Namche, Nepal>

we all love to read quotes about success to inspire us to keep pushing forward and achieve our dreams. the interesting thing about success quotes is that many of them talk about failure. it's like a standard format - success will come if we endure failure. quotes on failure, just as interesting, talk about success - failure will result in success if we are persistent.

what is missing are quotes about base camps in life - a place where you prepare and plan for success, a place where you recover when you encounter failure. here are 6 useful quotes about base camps in life:

"A base camp is a place where you can be who you are."

"It brings a smile to your face. That's your base camp."

"You know someone is your base camp when you can laugh about your failures together."

"If you can spend hours and days and months on it, then it's your base camp."

"Your base camp is something that you believe in."

"Your base camp is where you have your best dreams."

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