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In search of purpose: When doors are closed

<photo: Mesilau Trail, one of the 2 starting points to climb Mount Kinabalu, closed indefinitely due to the 2015 earthquake.>

It happens often enough to many of us.  Doors get shut in your face - sometimes by circumstances, sometimes due to our own doing, and most times you shout out "why me? It's not fair!". You don't get promoted because of a mistake, you got a bad school grade because you didn't sleep well the night before the exams, and you didn't reach the summit because of bad weather.  It just happens.  

Of course, the easiest way to react is to stare at the "Door closed" sign and wonder why.  The more difficult thing to do when a door has closed is to look for the other doors that have just opened for you.  Those other doors are always there - you just have to look hard enough.  And believe.  #alwaysbelieve

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” - Confucius

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