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In search of purpose: Work

There are hundreds of books like Dan Miller's "48 Days to the Work You Love: Preparing for the New Normal".  Many of these books, just like this one, make it to best sellers lists, leading us to believe that many people don't love their jobs and/or they are not in a normal situation. The "new" normal sounds more exciting than the "old" normal. 

If the "old" normal is what Dan Miller says - "The most common mistake people make in choosing a career is to do something simply because they are good at it", then what's the new normal?

"They need to shift from thinking about jobs and careers to think about challenges and problems” is the advice for students in the BBC article "The next generation of jobs won't be made of professions". 

"Instead of identifying your job role or description, you will be constantly adding skills based on what is going to make you more employable." 

Where does that leave our next generation?  This excellent piece written by a student says it all:

"Yes, a conventional job does have its undeniable benefits, mainly the security that comes with a tested and stable career. However, a question we have to answer, is whether we are willing to trade our true passion for practicality. Life will be full of risks that we have to take and it will admittedly be too short to regret the paths wanted, but not taken, because we feared impracticality and uncertainty. Perhaps, in order to pursue the passions close to our hearts, the risk is one that is worth taking. To all the prospective bartenders, backpackers, and hairdressers out there, don’t feel guilty about wanting to pursue your dreams. True, you may have been fortunate to receive a good education, but don’t let the pressure force you to become someone bigger than you want to be. A small, energetic spirit is sometimes better than a large empty shell, and there can always be something extraordinary found in all things seemingly ordinary." 

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