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taking a step towards the first step

<photo: climbing Mount Kinabalu, October 2016>

today is Evaluate Your Life Day. it's a day where we take stock of our achievements, near misses and outright failures and decide whether we are on the right path or hopelessly lost.

it's a day where we try to motivate ourselves with inspiring sayings (A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step - Lao Tzu), brand exhortations (Just do it - Nike), a quote from a famous person (you can't connect the dots looking forward- Steve Jobs) , a life guidance book (What Should I do with my Life - Po Bronson) or just a plain common sense smack on the head (stop dreaming, get a job and pay the bills! - Mother).

but how do we go from these words and then really take the proverbial first step when we don't even know what journeys we should embark on, let alone how long is the journey. one mile, ten miles or a hundred miles?

how indeed do we take the step towards the first step?

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