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5 Nov 2016

<photo: 6th time on the summit of Mount Kinabalu, October 2016>

for many of us, the number 6 is just a number.  it can represent the month of June, it'...

5 Nov 2016

<photo: learning how to cross crevasses at base camp, Nepal>


in his book Peak, Anders Ericsson brings together decades of research to sho...

5 Nov 2016

<photos: taking time to look at the trees along the trail up Mount Kinabalu>


"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while...

29 Oct 2016

<photo: sunset at Mount Rinjani>

 <photo: sunset at Mount Kinabalu>

 <photo: sunset at the Himalayas>

Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age shoul...

6 Jul 2016

 <photo: winter at Yosemite National Park, USA>

water is an amazing thing.  it covers 71% of the Earth's surface, and is vital for life as we know it....

4 Jul 2016

<photo: somewhere along the trek to Everest Base Camp>

The history of the world is filled with explorers and the epic journeys that they took.  Often t...

10 May 2016

 <photo: Sagarmatha National Park Visitors Centre @ Namche, Nepal>


we all love to read quotes about success to inspire us to keep pushing forward...

27 Feb 2016

<on the way up to the peak of Mount Elbrus>


people prefer avoiding losses to making gains.  this is behavior is known as loss aversion.  



27 Feb 2016

<photo: windmills going round and round endlessly in the Gobi Desert>


would winning the million dollar Toto first prize make you the happiest person f...

25 Feb 2016

<photos: in the middle of the Gobi Desert>


the Gobi Desert measures over 1,600 km by 800 km and occupies 1,295,000 square km.  it is the fifth largest...

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