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8 Jul 2017

<photo: Mesilau Trail, one of the 2 starting points to climb Mount Kinabalu, closed indefinitely due to the 2015 earthquake.>

It happens often enough t...

30 Oct 2016

<photo: at the start of the Everest Base Camp trek, Lukla, Nepal>

the Stanford Prison Experiment was an experiment conducted on 24 male students select...

30 Mar 2016


<photo: doing your business in the open, Gobi Desert>


warning: this page contains disturbing photos of toilets


mountaineers and adventurers are const...

11 Feb 2016


<photo: foothills of Mount Elbrus, southern Russia>


General Xiang Yu crossed the Yangtze River with an army of 20,000 Chu soldiers to take on the for...

24 Jan 2016


<photo: toilets at Barrels Huts 3900m, the base camp at Mount Elbrus>


you are a participant in a TV game show, and you are shown three doors.  there...

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