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8 Oct 2017

<photo: with Romzi and Ajab at Panar Laban basecamp, Mount Kinabalu on 25 Sept 2017> 

Just over 3 months ago, a few of us got together and planned for...

30 Sep 2017

<Photo: Seventh time at the summit of Mount Kinabalu on 26 Sept 2017> 

If you say that you are "in seventh heaven", it means that you are in a state of...

10 Sep 2017

Day 1 - Sunday 24 Sept 2017 (KK to National Park)

6.00am - Welcome to Kota Kinabalu!  Your first stop for the day should be the Gaya Street Sunday Mark...

12 Jul 2017

<photo: at the summit of Mount Kinabalu>

Here's a collection of quotes from the 50 climbers who will be summiting Mount Kinabalu on 26 Sept 2017:

"I lik...

10 Jul 2017

<photo: 8km sign post on Mount Kinabalu>

The 8km sign post on Mount Kinabalu is famous because many climbers give up when they reach this point.  From...

1 Jul 2017

<photo: view of Mount Kinabalu from Kinabalu National Park . Contrary to popular belief, accountants don't really like counting. They just appreciate...

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