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10 Sep 2017

<Photos from left: 1) Bactrian camel with Mount Khuiten and Malchin Peak in the background 2) Ships of the Desert carrying our loads 3) Lucky number c...

1 Sep 2017

<photos: from top left clockwise: 1) Love at first sight, meeting the Russian UAZ van for the first time after landing at Ölgii Airport 2,3,4) The 7-h...

30 Aug 2017

<photos: from left 1) hole in the ground toilet near Ölgii, Outer Mongolia 2) it takes two to poo - helping to keep the toilet doors closed 3) open ai...

12 Jul 2017

<photo: Learning to tie figure of eight knot and classic Prusik knot and how to climb out after falling into a crevasse.>

Mountaineering is an exhilara...

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