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15 Mar 2016

<photo: Base Camp @ Gobi Desert>


pitching your tent after running the whole day in the Gobi Desert is more challenging than the run itself. you are to...

27 Feb 2016

<photo: windmills going round and round endlessly in the Gobi Desert>


would winning the million dollar Toto first prize make you the happiest person f...

25 Feb 2016

<photos: in the middle of the Gobi Desert>


the Gobi Desert measures over 1,600 km by 800 km and occupies 1,295,000 square km.  it is the fifth largest...

6 Feb 2016

<photo: Mogao Caves, located on the Silk Route at the edge of the Gobi Desert in Gansu province, China>


the Mogao Caves, also known as...

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